How Artificial Turf Saves Water in Brisbane’s Climate?

Artificial Turf Brisbane

Landscaped lawns, athletic fields, and golf courses have traditionally been functional and pleasing to the eye but they consume a lot of water. The population is heavily influenced by water usage and allied problems that will likely be pertinent in public health, sustainability and the economy in future.

If not for artificial grass Brisbane, homeowners would need to use this water on natural grass. While fields for sports are usually replaced with artificial grass which uses less water. In addition, there are other advantages of using artificial turf instead of grass for sports stadiums, private homes’ yards or even golf courses. It is lush green throughout the year; it is pet friendly too besides this it saves on water which will benefit the environment as well as your pocketbook.

Why Saving Water is Important?

Water conversation is one of the most important factors to protect the environment and reduce global warming effects. According to Queensland survey, on average 200 to 300 litres of water is wasted per person every day. So, you can assume the significance of water wastage.

Not many people understand that clean drinking water is not an unlimited resource. The aim of water conservation is to ensure there’s enough water for everybody to use. Each item of food and bath requires water. Thus, from this perspective, using water to look after one’s garden properly is wasteful, especially if you have ever lived in a drought-prone area.

How does artificial grass help? There are approximately 6000K+ homes that are integrated artificial grass in their lawns and each field saves an amount ranging between half million gallons up to a million gallons annually. This amounts to more than three billion gallons every year. It can be seen how these figures accumulate. Thus, installing artificial grass can be one of the best ways to prevent further waster wastage and reduce water bills.

Environmental Impact

Water pollution can occur due to other reasons when used. After pollution or contamination takes place, such waters may return back into the environment causing harm to plants as well as animals within it.

The Environmental Protection Agency states that pesticides and fertilizers are among the main causes of aqua pollution which results in thousands of miles and acres of lakes being affected by these chemicals for nothing else but grasslands purposes.

Our own health matters greatly hence we should be careful on our environment too as our neighbours’ health equally matter much. Artificial grass doesn’t need any maintenance through application of pesticides or herbicides or even fertilizers all things which affect environmental health negatively. For this reason, only therefore, it makes sense opting for artificial turf.

Furthermore, artificial turf saves the world a great deal with regard to rubber. Crumb rubber, which comes from the recycled tires that constitutes turf infill saves around 105 million used tires out of the recycling system. It may sound unbelievable but it’s better to have your old tires go into your infill than going into a landfill. And let’s not even get started on all those grass clippings.

Save Energy

After water is polluted, then we must begin thinking about the process of treating it. Water treatment plants consume large quantities of energy. Water treatment in Australia alone uses thirty billion kilowatt-hours of electricity annually. Equating this with national data, 0.8% is used by water treatment.

These limited resources are also required for generating power and cleaning our water, so we need to use them judiciously. Most people think that 0.8% used for water treatment is negligible. However, considering all other utilities associated with energy usage any form of saving counts. Moreover, power generation can result in pollution and waste as well as environmental degradation. Save energy save money and while at it save environment too.

Saving Water Saves Money

Like any other scarce commodity, water is a costly resource that will require payment for its use in life. It does not matter how well meaning you are; that meter will keep counting and the cost of your bill will rise as you irrigate the yard especially if you live in a dry area.

Save some water to put on more useful things and switch to synthetic grass. That spare water can be utilized to irrigate a vegetable garden or fill a swimming pool during the scorching summer season. It is also possible that you may decide to establish your own home putting green without having to pay extra fees for joining a club as well as expending much time in addition to water for its sustenance.

Alternatively, immerse yourself in the cash you will have saved—it’s going to be over hundred dollars annually. Moreover, your lawn will still stay healthy. This way, artificial turf presents an attractive verdant lawn that makes one save money and preserve the environment together making him envy of his neighbours.

The more water we use, the more we lose it. The more energy we use, the more pollution we make. Sometimes though, you can cool it off with some water during hot months. However, it does not require much at all! Keep your money but take our advice and buy artificial turf Brisbane instead of wasting them watering lawns.

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