Expert Tips for Choosing and Installing Artificial Grass in Brisbane

Artificial Grass in Brisbane

Artificial Grass Brisbane is devoted to providing our clients with flexibility. You may either hire our installation service in Brisbane or install your artificial grass yourself. We are pleased to provide Australian-made, high-quality artificial grass for self-installation throughout Australia. If you decide to DIY your fake grass installation, here are the expert tips on how to install artificial turf.

Before DIYing the process, you should must have these things ready:

  • Tape Ruler
  • A shovel
  • Road Foundation
  • Synthetic Grass
  • Rollerblade
  • Knife (Utility)
  • Pegs
  • Sand, Fine

Step 1: Preparation of the Surface

If your lawn already has grass, you must remove it before installing your new synthetic lawn. Scrape off the top layer of grass with a shovel, removing around 100 mm of your current lawn or foundation.

Step 2: Create the Foundation

Apply 50 to 100 mm of road base, often known as crusher dust, to your recently cleaned surface. Spread the foundation evenly with a wheelbarrow. This base will aid in the creation of a flat footing for your new artificial grass brisbane while also promoting optimum drainage. Make sure the road foundation is somewhat even and slopes slightly towards the drains to prevent water from accumulating.

Step 3: Consolidate Your Base

Wet the area lightly with a hose before compacting the road foundation with a heavy roller. Repeat as necessary to ensure that the area is stable and flat. An uneven base might lead to poor drainage or a lumpy-looking grass, neither of which is desirable. Wetting the region is critical because it transforms the crusher dust into a harder concrete-like bed.

Step 4: Install Artificial Turf

Roll out your new artificial turf, taking care not to drag it across the freshly prepared foundation. Allowing the grass to lay in the sun for 30 minutes to an hour before to installation allows it to grow. If you’re dealing with numerous rolls, pay attention to the blade orientation and stitch patterns, since you’ll want them to be constant. Knee protectors may be useful as you crawl about the turf altering it.

Step 5: Joining and Trimming

Once your artificial grass brisbane is in place, use your utility knife to make any necessary cuts. The back of the matting is stitched all the way through, making it simple to use the stitching as a guide and create a clean cut. produce a little more at the edge to help you produce a neat and straight border in the following step. Use tape and/or synthetic grass glue to link two rolls of turf in any spot, and then brush over the tuft to integrate. Bring it as close together as possible to prevent noticing the joint once it’s fitted.

Step 6: Protect Your Synthetic Turf

Using pegs placed every 150 mm along the perimeter, tuck the edge you left into the border. To strengthen seamed sections, use more pegs. Properly fastening your artificial grass brisbane will ensure that it looks beautiful for a long period.

Step 7: Distribute Your Sand

Infill is an important step in keeping your artificial turf looking and performing well. Infill requirements should be discussed with our professionals. We recommend utilizing fine-grade sand that is evenly distributed throughout your artificial turf.

Step 8: Relax and Enjoy Your New Synthetic Turf!

You never have to bother about watering it or dealing with those troublesome places that refuse to produce grass no matter how much fertilizer you apply. Your home now exudes curb appeal!

Get professional assistance from Artificial Grass Brisbane, the crew is always available to assist you in selecting the ideal grass for your personal or business property. This will allow you to ask questions if you are unsure about any stages before beginning to install your new artificial turf.

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